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The Tale

This is a tale about a meadow.
A tale full of freedom, childhood memories, field plants and animals.

The meadow has seen and remembered a lot. It remembers many bare feet, laughter and emotions. It is a common place for generations to come. It is where a little girl used to play, who later grew up and became a mother herself, and later a grandmother.

There is a special meadow in the Beskid Mountains. Barbara grew up and spent her entire childhood there. Just like Ann. Today they are filled with emotion when they reminisce about it. Agnes returns to the meadow with her son Tony almost every free weekend.

Barbara is Ann’s mother, Agnes’ grandmother and Tony’s great-grandmother. It’s already the third generation. Once they were all his age. History comes full circle. It’s like passing on a part of nature in the genes. The common meadow has become a family bond.

Trips to the meadow bring us back to our roots, to the local nature. We share these feelings through our clothing designs and brand vision.

The meadow is a beautiful symbol of the harmonious cycle of life in nature. It is a story about growing up. And in this we want to accompany you.

The “natural bond” collection

The meadow presents itself in many forms. Sometimes it is a majestic landscape that inspires the artist. Other times it’s a joyful playground, a meeting place. And … a home.

The “natural bond” collection tells the story of the bond between child and nature, which comes from the earth. A natural bond is something unique, unquantifiable, which cannot really be articulated. It is a state of being in a meadow, when we simply experience the feeling of being free. When nothing limits us and we can enjoy time with our beloved ones among the plants and animals, listening to the sound of birds or insects.

Through our designs inspired by meadow motifs, we wanted to convey the idea that clothes can serve as an expression of a universal language connecting children of different origins. Regardless of race or skin colour.

In fact, we are all children. We have common roots. As Meadow’s Tale, we also want to pay tribute to nature in exchange for the values arising from its depths. What we mean by this is freedom, mutual respect and wisdom rooted in every part of it.

About the products

We make our clothes in Poland from high quality fabrics and yarns – organic cotton, innovative blends of cotton and sea algae, merino wool, baby alpaca, cashmere. Our collections are further refined by cooperation with local artists who create original handmade products for us. We use materials possessing international GOTS and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificates.

Meadow’s Tale creates its own designs using unique, hand-drawn engravings inspired by plants
growing in Polish meadows.

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