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Natural knits vs. synthetics: The safety of your baby's skin


Have you ever thought about the materials used in your child’s clothing? This question isn’t as trivial as it may seem, given that a child’s skin is delicate and prone to irritation. In today’s article, we’ll delve into two types of materials used in the clothing industry: natural fabrics and synthetics. We’ll aim to answer which one is better for your child’s skin. From organic cotton, through synthetic materials, to specific products offered by Meadow’s Tale, we’ll cover it all.

What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is a type of cotton grown without the use of harmful pesticides, insecticides, or genetically modified seeds. The production process of organic cotton is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t pollute the soil and water. For children, especially those with allergies or sensitive skin, organic cotton is an excellent choice. It’s soft, breathable, and doesn’t cause irritation, making it an ideal material for baby and toddler clothes.

What are Synthetic Materials?

Synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon, are chemically produced, usually from petroleum derivatives. Their main advantages are durability, stain and shrink resistance, and easy maintenance. They are often used in the clothing industry due to their low production costs. However, synthetics can be harsh on a child’s delicate skin and some of them can cause irritations or allergic reactions.

Comparing Natural Fabrics and Synthetics

When comparing natural fabrics and synthetics, it’s important to consider several aspects. Natural fabrics like organic cotton are soft, breathable, and skin-friendly, making them an ideal choice for children. Synthetics, on the other hand, are durable and easy to maintain but can cause skin irritations. It’s therefore crucial to weigh the pros and cons of both types of materials before deciding what’s best for our little ones.

Meadow’s Tale: Choosing Natural Fabrics

At Meadow’s Tale, we’ve chosen to use natural fabrics in producing children’s clothing. We believe that our kids deserve the best—not just in terms of comfort but also in safeguarding their delicate skin. That’s why our range focuses on products made from organic cotton and other natural fabrics. We recognize that what we dress our children in affects not only their comfort but also their health and wellbeing.

How to Understand Labels on Children’s Clothing?

Reading labels on children’s clothing can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re unsure what to look for. Firstly, check whether the material is natural or synthetic—labels often provide material composition in percentages. Natural materials include cotton, linen, wool, while synthetics include polyester, nylon, acrylic. It’s also important to pay attention to certifications like GOTS for organic cotton or Oeko-Tex Standard 100, guaranteeing material safety.

Benefits of Choosing Natural Fabrics for Your Child

Choosing natural fabrics for your child offers several benefits. Firstly, they’re safe for the skin—they don’t cause irritation and are hypoallergenic. Secondly, they’re eco-friendly—their production is less harmful to the environment than that of synthetics. Thirdly, they’re durable—clothing made from natural fabrics tends to be more resilient and retains its original appearance longer. Lastly, they’re breathable—natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe, which is incredibly important, especially on warmer days.


Choosing between natural fabrics and synthetics is more than a question of aesthetics—it’s about the comfort and safety of your child. Natural fabrics, like organic cotton, are gentle on the skin, breathable, durable, and also environmentally friendly. Synthetics can offer durability and easy maintenance but can also cause skin irritations. That’s why, at Meadow’s Tale, we’ve opted for natural fabrics to provide your child with the best quality and comfort.

Meadow’s Tale: Our Products and Mission

Meadow’s Tale is more than just a children’s clothing brand. It’s a mission to create products that not only look good but are above all safe and comfortable for your child. Our collection, inspired by nature and our family meadow, features carefully crafted clothing from the highest quality natural fabrics. With organic cotton, merino wool, baby alpaca, and cashmere, we create products that combine softness, durability, and breathability. We understand how important your child’s health is to you, and that’s why we ensure our products are not just beautiful but also safe for children’s delicate skin. This is our way of honoring nature and sharing with you what’s most important to us—love for our children and respect for nature.

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